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PS-2 – Interstate PICO flight

PS-2 is a last-minute un-announced PICO flight.

Launched from Melbourne at 6pm Sun 16 Feb 2014, the small party balloon carries an APRS tracker with a total weight of 16g. TX power is 100mW.

No manual tracking is required.

The aim: to visit NSW, and to stay within APRS reception range for as long as possible.

120018 trj001 tracking screen:
Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 10 30 48 AM

Looks like the balloon went out of APRS coverage at 9:52 AEST.
Updated prediction shows it will be heading south at some stage.

137052 trj001

Total tracked flight time is 15h50m, covering a distance of ~796km which was more than expected. It is ~200km short of the Queensland border, which could be for another PICO flight 🙂

Some stats from
Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 3 01 38 PM

PS-1 flight

The first PicoSpace project HAB launch was a success. The balloon was released from Deniliquin NSW at around 11:40am 8th Feb 2014, reached a max altitude of 36789m before landing in a paddock next to the Riverina Highway near Finley, at 2:28pm.

Some photos from Deniliquin, NSW, Australia:

IMG 4726





We had a great day on site with huge support from trackers around NSW, VIC and ACT. Thank you all for participating and assisting with the release, and hope to see you next time!