Dl-fldigi is the multimode decoder software for many digital modes used in HAB.


Detailed Guide:

For Picospace fights the normal mode usually is one of these:
– DominoEX
– Olivia

RSID (Reed-Solomon Identification) is also normally used to automatically identify and setup the mode and centre frequency.

Quick guide:

  • Configure Soundcard input and Location
    Configure/Sound Card
    DL Client/Location/Stationary Listener

  • Configure RSID
    DL Client/ID->Detector searches entire passband

    PastedGraphic 8

    DL Client/ID->Receive modes, ensure the correct mode is selected (default to all)
    PastedGraphic 9

  • Enable RSID
    Select RxID on top-right corner of main page

    PastedGraphic 6

  • If the flight is registered on SNUS, you can also select the correct flight, and select Auto-configure on the main page

    PastedGraphic 15

  • For Olivia, it is recommended to use the following settings:
    Op Mode/Olivia/Custom/Tune margin = 100, Integration Period = 8

    PastedGraphic 12

  • For RTTY, you might need to adjust the Receive Bandwidth to around 200
    Op Mode/RTTY/Custom

    PastedGraphic 11
    And enable Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) at the lower right corner of the main page.

    PastedGraphic 16


  • If RSID is enabled no manual configuration is required.
  • For Olivia RSID resets the Manual settings, so from time to time you might prefer to turn off RSID to keep the manual settings. This is generally useful in marginal signal scenario.