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PS-13 MEL-NSW PICO balloon

PS-13 was released on Sunday 13 July 2014 at 8:25am AEST


Solar powered party balloon, 10mW TX
APRS on 145.175Mhz, callsign: VK3YT-8
THOR8 and OLIVIA 8/250 with RSID on 434.500Mhz

Prediction: MEL-SYD


Update #1 6:16pm: Balloon passing Sydney in the evening

PastedGraphic 9

Update #2: Balloon left Australia at Gold Coast at 1:51am

PastedGraphic 11

Update #3: 8:30pm 21/7/2014 AEST
PS-13 made it to South America


12054 trj001


PastedGraphic 15

PastedGraphic 18

Total flying time so far: 8 days and 12 hours.
Total distance travelled: 16274km (and still going :))

PastedGraphic 22

PastedGraphic 23

Last prediction shows the balloon has left Brazil coast early this morning.
Next destination: Unknown!