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PS-10 MEL-SYD SSDV imaging payload

PS-10 PICO balloon release planned for 7am Saturday 21/6/2014.
Expected to travel MEL-SYD

Party balloon, solar powered, 10mW TX
Miniature Digital camera.

APRS on 145.175Mhz, callsign: VK3YT-10

SSDV imaging payload with RTTY300_8_N_1 on 434.500Mhz

SSDV frames can be received by dl-fldigi as RTTY data


Payload at 10.6g excluding solar panels


Update #1

The balloon went out of range 160km off Byron Bay at 1:26am

Total distance travelled was 1496km in 17.5h – average 85kph.

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