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PS-35 PICO balloon HF payload WSPR, JT9 and CW

PS-35 PICO balloon was released at 7:30AM Sat 21/2/2015 AEST.

Solar powered party balloon, 25mW TX
WSPR, JT9 and CW (12WPM) on 30m and 20m

Dial frequency on 10.138700Mhz and 14.095600Mhz (standard WSPR dial frequencies) for both WSPR and JT9.

See HF decoding info at http://picospace.net/?cat=34

Tracking as PS-35 on SNUS http://picospace.net/tracker/new
WSPR call sign is VK3YT http://wsprnet.org/olddb?findcall=vk3yt

CW sending [VK3YT GRID ALT BATTERY] at x6 minutes when battery is full.

129902A9 668C 4FAA B50B 98E2470028DE

Update #1 10:00pm 22 Feb 2015 AEST
The balloon has been going slow along the East coast of Australia

PastedGraphic 7

PastedGraphic 6


Update #2 05:00pm 27 Feb 2015 AEST

PS-35 descended into the Pacific after crossing the international dateline.

PastedGraphic 1