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PS-8 – MEL-SA-NSW PICO flight

PS-8 is planned to be release Sunday 1st June 2014 from Melbourne, at 2pm.


Party foil balloon. Solar powered payload 10mW, 11g weight.

APRS 145.175Mhz, callsign VK3YT-11

THOR16 and RTTY100_8_1_N_600Hz: 434.500Mhz with RSID, every 6 minutes, call sign is PS on spacenear.us flight PS-8

Balloon is expected to travel west to SA first before heading north to NSW.

Aim: Comparison of THOR16 and RTTY working with TCXO



Update #14:36pm

The balloon was brought down by rain shortly after release :(.

Landed in Flemington Racecourse, the payload and balloon were recovered successfully.

PastedGraphic 2Relaunch is planned for coming Friday.

Update #2 9:34pm

The payload was re-launched at 8pm with a new balloon. Looks like it was still wet up there, the balloon got to 2152m before losing altitude and landed in the bay.

PastedGraphic 1